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CIP provides a full range of concrete construction services for both the builder and the home owner.

Foundations and Footings

Our primary activity as a concrete construction company is the pouring of new foundations for residential home builders.  We pride ourselves on the fact that our forming and pouring efficiencies are unsurpassed giving us the ability to provide a cost competitive advantage over other concrete companies in the Colorado Front Range Region.  We are fast, affordable and professional.  When the time clock is ticking on the construction note, you can be sure CIP will do our part in reducing your interest expense by getting your foundation job done quickly and correctly.


We have invested in the best equipment and skilled manpower available to help us deliver the finest flat working services to our customers.  Flatwork requires the most from a concrete construction company.  Even though it provides the most basic of functions it is the most visible -- and for the most part, permanent.  The men that work for CIP must be technicians, artists, and diplomats.  The technical requirements assure our customers that we can form and finish the concrete to the specifications required.  The artistic requirements provide the "extra effort" that makes the flatwork appealing to look at.  And their diplomatic skills are drawn on when the technical or artistic expectations of either the builder or home owner conflict with the realistic, best practice solutions that will deliver lasting, long term satisfaction and functionality. 

We provide concrete stamping and colorizing systems as well as standard broomed finished flatwork.

New Home Flatwork Services

Residential Replacement Flatwork Services

Commercial Flatwork Services

Damp Proofing

CIP provides a service called damp proofing that reduces the ingress of water and gases through a porous concrete foundation wall.  We provide an environmentally friendly solution


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