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Damp Proof

Damp proofing provides a barrier between ground soil around below grade foundation walls.  In the "old days" builders used coal or petrolium based tar products to seal foundation walls.  These products were difficult to coat the walls with and were not very environmentally friendly.  The tar was applied well below the top of the wall so the black tar surface was hidden below grade level.  This meant that a portion of the wall was in contact with soil and was unprotected.

Today, Cast In Place uses Deco 20 which is an acrylic resin based sealant that provides an environmentally friendly seal all the way to the top of the foundation wall.  We use an airless high pressure sprayer to coat the walls in one continuous seamless coating.  Deco 20 dries to a odorless gray within 6 to 8 hours.  Deco 20 meets or exceeds the following ASTM Specifications:

ASTM D 2939 - 1998 Section 15 Method A - Resistance to water.  Rating number 1 - No softening- no loss of adhesion or reemulsification.
ASTM D 2939 - 1998 Section 16 Flexibility - Rating number 1 - no cracks, hairline or otherwise, no loss of adhesion.
ASTM D 6489 - 1998 Water Absorbtion.
ASTM C 836 - 2000 Film Thickness on vertical surface.
ASTM D 2665 - 1999 Color Fastness of Surface Coating - UV resistance.
ASTM D 3273-94 Resistance to mold growth of Surface Coating.

Damp proofing in no way eliminates the need for a properly installed foundation wall drainage system.


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